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Mark Latham, Co-Founder and CEO, Panel the Planet
RENEW Podcast Episode 3


Co-Founder and CEO Mark Latham started the Panel the Planet in 2016 with a team of eco-entrepreneurs to advise and educate clients on how to make the best decisions from both an economic and green perspective.  Mark has always approached business with a client first attitude, believing that the only way to create long lasting relationships was to put the client first and the bottom line second.

Since 2011, Mark has gained broad industry experience, including commercial level solar, lighting, and water conservation efforts that are now saving Southern California in excess of 100 million gallons of water per year. 

After many years of learning the business, Mark decided that his personal vision of operation would best be served by starting an independent firm to better meet the client’s needs. By virtually eliminating operational and overhead costs seen with previous ventures, the PTP model would not only allow for both greater control and transparency over project management, but also create a better negotiating and leverage position with vendor partners on projects that would significantly reduce the cost to client.

In 2018, Mark began a Joint Venture company, Planet Optima, which allows for more of a whole building approach of renewables that are driven by client needs and state or utility funded incentive programs, largely focussed on the Multi-Family sector.  2020 will likely gross 8 figures across the two entities.