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Dan Grech, Founder & CEO, Global OTEC Resources
RENEW Podcast Episode 11


Dan started the company in 2017 after a number of sales & marketing leadership roles from PLCs to start-ups. Dan has built and managed teams with exceptional people and is both an operational and strategic thinker. Dan assembled the founding team and has been the main driver of business development. His initial fundraising efforts have secured €250K of grants as well as seed funding.

What is OTEC?
OTEC is an application of solar energy that exploits the heat that the ocean captures from the sun’s rays. It possesses huge environmental advantages over fossil fuels and nuclear power; avoids land-use problems associated with renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, biomass, and hydroelectric power; and has the potential to produce far more useful and affordable energy than could be obtained from other renewable sources. For more information, visit the OTEC Global Resources website.