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The RENEW Leaders Quest

Renewable Energy Executive Talent Evaluation

Once we’ve completed the Deep Dive, we’ll create and agree upon a RENEW Position Specification so we can begin organizing and sorting through the plethora of active (candidates searching for a new role or who are in-between roles currently) and passive (candidates not looking for a new role, who may not be aware of our client in the renewable space) to identify the A-Players with the exact right qualities, experience and capability for your executive role.

RENEW utilizes targeted, strategic talent research to compile sources, contacts and additional technology to find the most qualified candidates.

Our extensive screening process ensures RENEW identifies, intensely interviews and presents only those few executives who fit not only your culture, needs, and desires, but who add to the diversity, strength, and future of your growth and success. Next, we verify their education, past work experience and total compensation against the requirements of our RENEW Position Specification.

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