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RENEW’s Retention Regimen

Renewable Energy Partnerships Beyond Hiring

Once the right candidate is hired, RENEW ensures our clients retain their new employees using our RENEW Retention Regimen process. We guarantee our candidate placements for up to 12 months after hiring, for cause, and up to 6 months for any reason – period. Additionally, we perform one, two, and three-month phone interview check-ins with the candidate and the hiring manager to ensure on-boarding and progress success.

RENEW’s customer service focus means our responsibilities don’t stop once the position is filled. Our RENEW Retention Regimen is designed for regular, structured check-ins to ensure candidates are on-boarding and progressing successfully and both the hiring manager and our placed candidate are on the same page, working productively and effectively together.

Additionally, at six, nine and 12 months, RENEW checks-in with both the employee and hiring manager over the phone or face-to-face for more in-depth verification of performance, fit and orientation. We seek out peers, subordinates, customers and Human Resources connections to ensure the placed executive is fitting into your culture and meeting your expectations and needs.

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