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RENEW’s Final Candidate Evaluation and Qualification

Handpicking Top Renewable Energy Candidates Globally

When our client has narrowed the shortlist of qualified candidates to a small final list, the final phase of RENEW’s search kicks off. We utilize psychographic assessment tests to fully understand candidate’s motivating factors, behavior, core competencies and the environment which will allow them to optimally perform and thrive.

RENEW develops a 360 degree brief of final executive candidates, including, past achievements, their abilities and key factors that lead to their success. Using psychometric assessments, exhaustive reference, and background checks, we verify what we’ve learned and been told to ensure our clients have confidence and comfort needed to make their final hiring decision.

RENEW directly inquires people who can comment objectively about the final candidates’ past performance on the job and their personal knowledge of the executive outside of work. Extensive background checks, including on social networking websites, are conducted to ensure RENEW has a complete picture of the final candidate’s personal and professional lives, to provide our client with a comprehensive picture.

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