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RENEW’s Talent Activation System

Renewable Energy’s Executive Leaders Dilemma

Renewable energy firms and business owners face a multitude of problems when trying to recruit and retain A-Players for their executive management teams. They don’t have the time to find and recruit the right candidates in their ever-changing, fast growth landscape. Their culture is shifting at an explosive rate. They may not have growth and succession plans in place to add or replace key executives and C-Suite leaders. Or, they may have performance and personnel issues at a critical time and need to replace a top team member immediately to keep up business momentum.

Do you struggle to entice key talent to your Executive team? Can’t replace poor performers quickly enough, or struggle to keep pace with periods of high growth? Do you have a succession plan for your key C-Suite executives? If you don’t have positive answers for these vital questions, you may need RENEW’s Talent Activation System.

Renewable energy organizations have been routinely dissatisfied with inferior, costly results from other recruiters whose results did not live up to their assurances. RENEW’s consultative approach ensures your Employer Brand and substantial Employee Value Proposition attract only the right Top Talent. We find, recruit and place Executive A-Players in the renewable space, but we take it a step further by helping our clients retain them through our RENEW Retention Regimen process with a 12-month guarantee.

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