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RENEW is the Premier Retained Executive Search Firm Energizing
Renewable Energy Firms and Top A-Player Executives Globally
Trouble Finding Passionate
A-Player Renewables Executives?

Need to Supercharge or Restart
Your Renewables Career?

We are RENEW:
Energizing Renewables in Executive Recruitment and Retention

RENEW is the premier global executive recruiting firm for top-tier, passionate, and curious renewables executives. RENEW’s proven Renewable Talent Attainment System attracts, recruits, and retains Top Executives for renewable organizations worldwide.

RENEW’s Four-Step Renewable Energy Talent Attainment System

Deep Dive

RENEW’s proprietary Deep Dive allows us to know our clients comprehensively so we can develop a proven Position Specification which captures, then markets the job to attract A-Players to our clients.

Talent Research and Evaluation

RENEW conducts exhaustive, strategic research to identify sources, contacts, and technology which produces suited candidates. Then we validate their education, work experience, and compensation package.

Final Candidate Qualification

RENEW executes a complete portrait of the final candidates, their accomplishments, abilities, and strengths, including psychometric assessments, 360-degree references and deep background checks.

RENEW’s Retention Regimen

RENEW’s customer service philosophy means that even once the position is filled, our responsibility continues with regular check-ins to ensure candidate onboarding and performance success.